There is a wonderfully rich history in the use of portraits to celebrate someone's life.  Whether a drawing or a painting, the artwork becomes a family treasure that will be passed down for generations. 

Jerrod's usual process is to have one 3-hour session with the subject.  This session would consist of working with the client to decide on the composition, doing a preparatory drawing sketch, a color study in oils, and taking reference photographs. These will all become resources to produce the portrait in his studio. A follow up 3-hour session can be helpful in working on the final piece if the person's schedule allows. Posthumous portraits and portraits of children would rely more heavily on photographs.

It should be noted that while he strives for accuracy in his representation of the individual, Jerrod does not transfer, trace, or copy an individual photograph for the production of the piece.  It is important for this to be a piece of artwork and carry the feeling of being handmade and human observed. 

It's easy to commission a portrait.  Contact him to discuss possibilities.