Last week of Robert Crowell exhibition in Jackson


The harmony and structure of a piece of sculpture begins in the mind of one who sees possibilities. Wood and stone may remain in their natural state as nature dictates, but there is the potential, when worked with by an artist, to become fully alive and timeless.

Jackson, Mississippi sculptor Robert Crowell is fully capable of visualizing this harmony and structure in a variety of materials and brings them forward into actual space and time. His work is balanced, and finished - without being sterile. It is consistent without being repetitious.

A quote from the book The Timeless Way of Building, describing pattern languages relates to Crowell’s work well, saying, “As far as it is ever possible, they are alive, because they are so much in harmony, that they support themselves, and keep themselves alive, through their own inner structure.” They are alive because of their sensitivity in shape, movement, and form.

This extensive exhibition, Timeless: the Sculpture Work of Robert Crowell, with nearly 50 sculptures serves as a retrospective spanning 20 years. His sculptures are collected privately and can be seen in places like the Mississippi Public Service Commission, Mustard Seed, and St. Andrew’s Episcopal school. The majority of this exhibition is in the galleries on the second floor of the Arts Center of Mississippi located at the corner of Lamar St. and Pascagoula St. in downtown Jackson. A selection of work is also exhibited throughout The Art Garden in front of the Mississippi Museum of Art, located next to the Arts Center on Lamar St.

It was a pleasure and honor for me to get to curate this exhibition of Crowell's remarkable work.  If you haven't gone yet, this is your last week to see it.  Regular gallery hours are Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm, and Saturday, 9am - 5pm.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Special thanks to Greater Jackson Arts Council, the Mississippi Museum of Art, and the City of Jackson.

Jerrod Partridge